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The Personal Genome Project (PGP), started by Professor George Church of Harvard Medical School, is a unique pioneering experimental platform for openly-shared genomic, phenotypic, and medical data, built on an open-source platform.

As you may know, the PGP is amongst the most forward-thinking open science projects ever created, and has been the premier trailblazing personal genome and open-consent project since its founding in 2005.  Many other projects have learned from the PGP including a number of Precision Medicine initiatives around the world.

The PGP makes research possible like no other project can – by allowing researchers to look at individual genomes and phenotypes, versus aggregate statistical analyses which cannot identify interesting individual outliers. The PGP also promotes efficiency in science by allowing participant data sets to be used as controls across many disease areas, and providing standardized cell lines from participants to accelerate research.

PGP projects have sprouted up in the UK, Canada, Austria and China, and we are actively pursuing expansion in more countries. The global PGP network is moving towards creating a large, biologically and geographically diverse database of genomes.

Hackathon 1.0

We are organizing our first Hackathon to create software tools which our participants can use to explore the meaning and connections within genomic data, and to further bioinformatics and genomics education. Among the participants we expect to attract will be computer scientists that presently work with genomic data and biologists that wish to going forward.  

Details about this first Hackathon on July 21-22, 2018 are available here:  The event will be held on the Harvard Medical School campus in Boston MA, and we will provide breakfast, lunch, and snacks to participants on both days. We will also send everyone home with PGP Hackathon logo stickers, and a giveaway (such as a drawstring backpack).

Our goals are not solely scientific, but encompass the ethical, legal, and social spheres. In order to achieve diversity amongst our participants, we are also promoting the event to budding STEM students and groups that are typically underrepresented in the sciences.

The chart below shows the various sponsorship funding levels available. We expect that we will continue to run hackathons throughout the coming years, so please reserve your spot to be a major sponsor on upcoming hackathons as well.

This is a rare opportunity to gain visibility before, during and after the event along with event news coverage, publicity and outcomes. We hope you will join us in being identified as a world leader in genomics, education and open data for the betterment of science and society.

Interested sponsors should contact Ranjan Ahuja, at and indicate at which level and the number of hackathons you are interested in sponsoring.

Expected Hackathon Attendees:

Hackathon 1.0: 100 Attendees
Computer oriented: 50
Genetics/genomics/biology/healthcare: 50

Keynote Speaker: George Church


Sponsorship levels

Platinum Gold Silver Bronze
Talk 10 minute talk in main room following Saturday morning keynote by George Church

Sponsored talk in side room if desired

5 minute talk in main room Saturday morning
Tickets avail to Friday reception 3 2
Presence Event Table Event Table
Giveaway (e.g. tote bag) branding

(Artwork deadline minimum 2 wks)

Large logo included on giveaway Medium logo included on giveaway Medium logo included on giveaway
Promotional item or brochure Included in participant materials Included in participant materials Included in participant materials
Website Large logo and link Medium logo and link Medium logo and link Small logo and link
Event splash screens Large Logo Medium  logo Medium  logo Small logo
Maximum number of this type of sponsor 1 2 3 5
Sponsor donation $10,000 $5,000 $2,500 $1,000