PGP Genome and Trait Datasets

Genome data

In addition to whole genome sequencing, the Harvard PGP has a variety of donated genetic data (ranging from externally-performed genomes and exomes to direct-to-consumer genotyping).

Genome Reports

To provide some insight into whole genome sequences, the Harvard PGP has developed GET-Evidence to facilitate interpretation of genetic variants. Genome reports generated by GET-Evidence are publicly available for PGP genomes.

Trait and survey data

The Harvard PGP data is uniquely valuable because it combines trait and health information with genetic data in a publicly available resource. Our trait surveys query participants regarding 239 self-reported traits.

Participant profiles

Participant profiles present all public data associated with a participant, presenting genetic and trait data in the same place. Profiles also include medical data imported from electronic health records and diverse other types of data uploaded by participants.

Microbiome data

Microbiome profiles investigate the types of bacteria in and on a participant’s body. Understanding the microbiome helps build a more complete of a participant: it is a form of biological profiling that captures personal environment and may be an important aspect in human health.